Sola Fide

Faith. A word tossed around so frequently in the Christian world that it loses its significance over time. Faith is both complex and simple, and so the meaning can also be lost on us. If you have been a Christian for a long time, it’s easy to gloss over the word in Scripture. It’s one you’ve seen a thousand times before, and your brain doesn’t pause anymore to revel in its meaning. Or, if you are a new Christian, it’s a word you’ve started hearing in sermons and city group discussions. You keep spotting it in the New Testament, and you wonder how important it is to understand.

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Anne Backer
What is Mission?

When I think about mission, I often think about businesses or incredibly driven people. Every business has a mission statement that, hopefully, drives the decisions of that business.

But then I think that the most driven people also have a clear mission in life. I think of athletes that I have heard say “I was born to play this game”, or musicians that proclaim “Doing this is all I’ve ever wanted”, or a man like Steve Jobs who was so driven by a singular mission that he became iconic.

And yet, I think mission really drives all people. For some, their mission may be grander or more clear. But if you think you aren’t driven by mission, I think you’re mistaken.

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Andrew Rutten
Praying the Psalms

Maybe you have come to a place in your prayers where you seem to pray the same laundry list of things, or maybe you are daunted by how much there is to pray for, or maybe you can't seem to find the starting point to pray. Whatever the case, I want us to see how praying the words of God is one formative way to learn how to talk to God.

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Gabriel Jasso