The church gathers corporately for prayer, worship, preaching, and the sacraments.

The gathered church is a God-designed gift for his people for encouragement and building up. We do not gather out of religious necessity or for a consumerist morning, rather, we gather to be encouraged from the Word, to serve our community, and to grow in worship of God. The gathered church is Biblically-centered, God-glorifying, Jesus-exalting, and Spirit-led.


The church scatters in mid-sized communities as families on mission to engage neighborhoods or people groups.

The scattered church is a God-designed nuclear family on mission to specifically engage renewal and redemption in neighborhoods, workplaces, or people groups. We do not scatter out of obligation or to fill a religious norm. We scatter to have the church be the church, to proclaim the glory of God through the renewal of the gospel to bring further renewal and redemption to the city, our neighbors, and the nations. The scattered church is mission-focused, family-compiled, prayerfully-driven, and lovingly-relentless.


The church huddles in small, gender-specific groups to intently focus on discipleship and following Jesus in every area of our life.

The huddled church is a God-designed group of men or women to specifically focus on discipleship through the Word, repentance, and the grace of God. We do not huddle out of coercion or to find a friend group. We huddle to ruthlessly confess our sin, avidly look to our Savior, and communally exhort and encourage through the Word and prayer. The huddled church is discipleship-focused, Scripture-centered, confession-based, and grace-rooted.