Vision 2019

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The Christian Formation Podcast was birthed through some youthful angst and hopefully a dash of obedience to God’s guidance. In 2018 we decided to begin a process of discussing life and bible issues as a means to put good content in the ears of our church family. The youthful angst, you may ask, is the bit inside us that believes we have something to say that no one else is saying. Thoughts to solidify and put through the airwaves. Teaching to condense and download in our friends.

The hope was to simply take some of our “off-mic” discussions around the office, throw a few mics in front of us, and continue the conversation. The prayer was that you, the reader/listener, would be encouraged or challenged.

And while we do believe (because a few of you have actually told us) that this has been helpful, we felt the need to crystalize what it is we are truly attempting to accomplish with this space. Would it be raw, uncut, random thoughts from a few 20-somethings on our opinions on how you should live your life? Or maybe a more sophisticated article that examines truth, God, and what you should do about it. Or, we asked ourselves, is it possible to clarify a vision that was there all along but never formed into words?


Over the last couple months, we have spent time praying and discussing what our intentions truly are. If you are going to give up 30 minutes to listen to us, we want to be clear about our goals and be respectful of your time. And as we’ve deliberated, a vision slowly formed for this project.

The Christian Formation Podcast exists to connect the story of God with the story of man

The Christian Formation Podcast exists to connect the story of God with the story of man. We believe that all of our lives, stories, and world fit within God’s story. Therefore, our aim is to help you, the listener, see all of your life and the world in light of God and his story. And our hope is that these discussions would help you  see the story that you are living out, understand how it fits within God’s story, and what that means for your everyday life. We do this by discussing topics of theology, culture, and the stories around us. 

If you grew up in a more traditional church, maybe you experienced an elongated Sunday morning with the addition of the “Sunday School Hour”. At its best, this space was a time for people to come be educated and discuss the Bible and theology for the everyday person. (At its worse, it was terrible coffee, boring lecturers, and a waste of time).

We understand the time constraints we face, as well as the spatial constraints we face as a busy church scattered across the city with no true ‘home base’. But those factors cannot allow the church to neglect the value of educating and stirring up conversations about real issues in our lives.

Therefore, this podcast intends to be a “Modern Sunday School”, if you will. Our hope is to shed light on issues you’ve maybe not thought about, and ask you to grapple with them. We hope to teach the Bible and allow God’s story to inform your story in greater ways. We hope to use the stories of people in our church and saints of old to spur you on in greater ministry. Our hope, is that your story would better align with the story of God.


So, would you continue to join us as we discuss theology, culture, and stories. Our plea for you is to not just consume the content (although we hope you do), but join the discussion with us. Let us know the questions you are asking yourself. Send feedback when you think we’ve lost our minds. Read the books that we recommend, and engage in the process with us.

If the topics and stories we discuss are challenging or fruitful for you, share and discuss with your family, friends, coworkers, or City Group members. Again, this project is for the purpose of you greater living out the story God has for you, and we do that best as we are challenged and allowed to process in community.

We hope you enjoy, are challenged, and find your story in God’s story.

Andrew Rutten