Bangkok Update 2019

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Greetings Providence Church family. It has been only about 6 months ago that we talked through some of our ideas and our heart to start a center next to Assumption University here in Bangkok. We started to see some interest among the international students on campus, then started a Bible study and thought – what if we were to have a center right next to the campus? It seemed like a good idea, and that God was opening doors, as there was a building for rent right next to the campus. But it still left us with the question of: how would we fund it? In God’s providence (pun intended), around that time Andrew contacted us on behalf of the church asking if there were any financial needs that we had. I’m not sure if he knew what he was getting you guys into, but pretty soon you all generously covered the rental costs for the first year.

God seems to be bringing the nations to us

Fast forward to now and it looks like a pretty good Kingdom investment. We run weekly English programs a few times a week for people who already speak English but are looking to improve their skills. We also frequently run community events to just have a good time and meet people.  We have converted the 4th floor of the center into a dormitory and have already hosted a team from Crown College who helped serve with us for a few weeks. Most importantly, we have started a church. On Sundays we have a worship service. Most of our attendees are not believers; in fact most have never heard the gospel before. In this short time of ministry, we have already seen two guys from mainland China become followers of Jesus and are going through discipleship.  A fellow PhD classmate of mine from Thailand  previously claimed he was an atheist. This week, he said he thinks he’s ready to follow Jesus and wants to receive Christ this upcoming week.  God seems to be bringing the nations to us. We have seen people from more than 15 countries (where there is very little gospel access in most of them) come through our doors.   

Pray that we will continue to grow in numbers, that we will see more people make a decision to follow Jesus

God continues to surprise us here, no glory to us, but simply glory to God.  As we are trying to be faithful in “…setting forth the truth plainly” (2Cor 4:2), we have seen fruit in this season. Thank you for your continual partnership, and may you continue to pray for us.  Pray that we will continue to grow in numbers, that we will see more people make a decision to follow Jesus, and that those who have decided to follow Christ will grow and press on in the faith. Oh, and our door is always open. If anyone wants to come visit, we have a place for you at Alliance University Center!  

In Him,

-Keith Neigenfind

Keith Neigenfind